I have been honoured to work with some incredible entrepreneurs, please see their generous testimonials below.
[I have sneaked in my Facebook Live with BBC2’s Jeremy Vine here as I’d hate you not to see this awesome ‘career moment’ in 2017!]
I am Christina A. Caeliss, a Mind Body Soul Hypnotherapist and I help professional women free themselves from self-doubt, anxiety, and old emotional blocks so they can finally love themselves and believe in life's magic again. Since joining Amanda’s Self-Promo Secrets programme I have gotten a chance to pitch to a top journalist which was an education onto itself and the kind of opportunity for feedback you'd be hard pressed to get yourself, I've tightened my wording of what I do immensely, always a challenge in my line of work. I've organised a challenge for my list, have a clearer PR path outlined, feel more confident about pitching to the press, press releases feel easy ... and have just started the preparation for TV appearances. All in 45 days!   Amanda is very good at clear communication in the messaging. My messaging has always been my biggest challenge in my business. How do you explain the multi-layered intangibles in a short and sassy way that anyone can understand - without losing the essence of what you do? This program hasn't been just about getting more PR for me. It's about going deeper into my business and communicating the benefits of my work so that people understand it and more importantly want the value it offers. Without this, you don't really have a business that can thrive. Her approach is clear, professional, highly competent, compassionate, and so very much get-it-done - which is exactly what I need. I've even been struggling with title to call myself that is both authentic to me AND works for the press. She came up with something perfect. Amanda is not only good, she's a GENIUS!   I can’t wait for the rest of the journey because if we've done this in 45 days, then the next 45 will create a lot of forward motion. I'll have my 'nail it in 8' down and my other messaging too. I'll also more opportunities to pitch to top journalists and editors and get feedback, which is invaluable. With all this in place, the PR becomes easy.   Thank you Amanda, it wasn't an easy decision to join up but I'm so glad I did! www.iAphrodite.com
I am Caroline Diana Bobart.  I am a Life-Change Strategist and I help frazzled, ex-corporate, business mum owners who have lost their confidence and identity, re-invent themselves post-birth, website: www.carolinediana.com.  Since joining Amanda’s VIP programme: The Ultimate PR Course, I have been learning so much about how vitally important it is to really niche down in order to create an effective pitch.  The process of getting into the press that she leads you through would take months if not years to nail on your own, and even if you were able to do that, there is no replacing her network of contacts and associates that she gives you access to once you're ready to go.  From switching on your 'PRdar' to getting into the right mindset, creating pitches, press releases and generally learning the ropes, Amanda's VIP programme provides it all.  She is brilliant at sexifying headlines and turning green 'novice speak' into seasoned 'journospeak' - which makes all the difference between whether your pitch stands out - or not.  I can’t wait for the rest of the journey because there are so many opportunities she provides each month from which you can continue to learn and grow.  From weekly intimate Q&A calls, exclusive training calls with well-known experts, practice pitching to real-life journalists to crafting your press releases and getting them out into the world, Amanda is always on-hand to give constructive feedback and support with taking your very next steps.  She is so knowledgeable, connected, accessible and engaged.  If you are ready and 110% committed to taking your business and your visibility to the next level, working closely with Amanda in her high-impact VIP programme is a must. www.carolinediana.com
I am Josie Copsey and I help corporate individuals to enjoy their job with a great work life balance.  My website is www.aeracuralifecoaching.co.uk   Since joining Amanda’s VIP 6 month PR programme I have gained clarity on my message and fine tuned my target audience.  With Amanda’s help I have also successfully submitted my first press release to raise stress awareness, using Amanda’s amazing template, which grabbed the attention from various publications and an offer to write for Yoga magazine. Amanda is really good at giving you a different perspective to something that you become so absorbed in on a daily basis.  Being part of Amanda’s programme is not just about learning to get yourself visible, Amanda treats you like a VIP and reaches out to see if you need any help on your journey, which as an entrepreneur working on your own makes all the difference. On the programme, I have learnt so much from the opportunities Amanda presents  - Expert TED X Talks, pitching to the journalist which have been fantastic and something no other programme out there offers.   Amanda is really good at keeping you connected with the group and organising leading experts to share their wisdom with you.  Amanda is a contagiously motivated mentor which spurs you on even more…Amanda is here to help you shine to the world and that she will most definitely do!!   I can’t wait for the rest of the journey because working with Amanda I know there are so many more exciting things to come! (PS Since Josie wrote this, she successfully pitched to the editor of Psychologies Magazine and is now a Life Labs Leader!! CONGRATS JOSIE!!) www.aeracuralifecoaching.co.uk
'I first met Amanda at an Enterprise Nation event in 2015. After a year of working on my idea, I contacted her a few months ago to see what she could do with my PR and she suggested I do the PR course. I was very hesitant and unsure because of the cost. However after looking at the content in more detail I decided to join the course and Facebook group. It has proved to be a good investment as not only I get the knowledge and tricks of the PR trade but Amanda also opens her network to promote my company. Following a recent press release (which we wrote in like 1 hour one evening) sent out to her contacts, I was very amazed by the number of enquiries I received!! I had Waitrose and BBC Food Magazine enquiring about my products! One month on, I'm still dealing with all the press requests to feature in magazines! This is only the beginning and I can't wait to see how we progress!' www.neemafood.com
"Two words: 'focused creativity'. And two more: 'proven results'. In four words you have an introduction to the talents of Amanda Ruiz. She has the creative ability to turn lead into gold when it comes to identifying the potential of a PR story and providing the all-important newsworthy twist to make it zing off the page. Having her on your team is an asset that will build your reputation and brighten your business prospects." By Author of the essential entrepreneur's book: Transform your Communication Skills Steve Bridger
Amanda Ruiz knows her stuff! Having applied some of the tips and PR strategies I learned in the PR workshop I got straight to work and put them to the test. Guess what happened? I had a photoshoot today with CosmopolitanUK magazine. I will be in one of their upcoming issues! www.style-icon.co.uk Natalie Robinson
The advice from Amanda's course gave me the confidence to just go for it in terms of contacting journalist directly! Talking to other businesses about CoolStays and our brand really reinforced in my mind that we are doing something truly unique that the press would want to hear about. Since her workshop we have had mentions in The Standard, The Independent, The Times and The Guardian, all having a direct impact raising brand awareness and driving traffic to our site.  This coverage also sends out the message to potential property owners that we are there to promote them in the press, and can help to get them noticed. www.CoolStays.com   Claire Wills
Amanda has an amazing way of making PR for yourself and your business seem much easier to achieve. She takes you through a step by step process of all the things you need to get into place before you launch your first press release and pitch to journalists. She can also look at your ideas for a couple of seconds and come up with a slogan or comment that just makes everything look much more professional and she has a knack of finding the gem in your story that you should be shouting about! Then, she makes it all sound so exciting, you can’t wait to get on with it! Thank you Amanda for all your help in my PR journey so far and I am so pleased to have been in 4 issues of The Lady Magazinewww.eastondesignstudio.com Shona Easton
‘I have worked with Amanda before and she has always been very professional, so when I needed a blog piece to launch our franchise she was the first person I thought of. The blog piece was turned around very quickly and Amanda understood my requirements and researched the target market well. The blog piece has helped us gain an influx of enquires since it went live and we are looking forward to working with Amanda as our business grows. Regards, Carly Poyser, Director, www.littlescrummers.com' Carly Poyser
When I signed up to Amanda's course I didn't know what to expect. I had been thinking of enrolling in a PR course for quite sometime . By chance a friend of mine recommended Amanda's  7 PrR Secrets on how to get into the press. This 8 week course has been amazing, so many golden nuggets of information to help me feel a lot more confident about writing a press release. Amanda offers first class expertise enthusiasm and heaps of encouragement.  When I get stuck, there is always a pretty prompt reply to my queries. The weekly group Q&A's are fun with lots of interaction. I have had a lot of support from the group. The homework has been challenging but immensely enjoyable and I know that when I finish I will have the right tools to send out pretty hot Press Releases. I  highly recommend Amanda's Pr course if you want to produce top quality releases for your business. Thanks Amanda 🙂 www.crystalandrox.com   Bunmi Aboaba
Amanda Ruiz is the Mary Poppins of PR; she makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way!  Have you got your #PRDAR hat on? Your ducks in order? Your bag of golden nuggets and your PR Toolkit ready to go? If not, then this is the course for you... I came to Amanda’s course as part of my business strategy to master how to secure press attention for my first client, West End Singer Robert Meadmore. I have a long way to go to master all of Amanda’s techniques, but I have learned so much and have had so much fun and excitement in the Q & A sessions. I actually had some success of my own (with Amanda’s prompting). I wrote to Gaby Roslin’s Radio Show and managed to get Robert on the BBC Radio, the Sunday before his LOVE SONGS SHOW went onstage at Crazy Coqs, Piccadilly.  See more here... Lisa Willner, PR to Rising Stars
I joined Amanda's PR course because I find it pretty intimidating to try to get into the press. Amanda just makes it so simple. She fits you out with some great tools, changing your mindset and making you realise when and where you not only could be in the press, but should be. Since starting the course I've been in a local paper and I've helped a friend get featured in Forbes magazine. www.solveigmalvik.com Solveig Malvik, Executive Presence Coach
Amanda was the best professional recommendation I’ve received. A dear friend who knows of our clinic's history, has been a patient and wanted to help introduce us and our clinic to the UK and European market and most importantly knew that we had the ability, products and services, we just needed an orchestra conductor to bring to life our symphony. She said she knew just the person for me! Enter Amanda Ruiz stage right! From the first time we chatted I knew that this woman had the knowledge, drive and ambition to steer us along the right course of PR and media savvy. Her knowledge is applicable to almost every field and adaptable to suit any business service, product or individual. She could see our vision and convinced us that she could guide us to achieving our own huge successes! Amanda helped us not only strategise and streamline our business goals and objectives but she also laid out a road map on how to become our own PR masters, to take control of our future for ourselves and to do it with maximum success and exposure. We relate to this as in our field we teach our patients how to become their own physicians, to take control of their health and make long-lasting successes of their recoveries from modern diseases. Did I mention task-master extraordinaire? She was on my case from week 1, sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully, but always supportively edging me past my comfort zone to think and create in a new way and for that I am grateful. I am excited to implement my press approach within the next few weeks and I have no doubt that what I have learnt in the last 8-weeks will stand our business and future in good stead! Just 10 minutes ago another “Amanda alert” pinged in showing me competitions marketing strategies and how we could do it better…does this power-house ever sleep?   Thanks Amanda, it’s been FAB!  UPDATE: We have secured a column in our local newspaper plus editorial!! www.maasclinic.co.uk Cathie Shearn PR Guru The Maas Clinic
Small Business Saturday UK were delighted to have Amanda Ruiz host an event which was live steamed as part of our Inspire Series of workshops for small businesses.  The event was great, Amanda was a fabulous speaker, everyone in the room was clearly engaged and it was really interactive - exactly what we were after!  The feedback from participants and online viewers was hugely positive and we received 34k twitter impressions associated with this event.  Thank you so much.   www.smallbusinesssaturdayuk.com Victoria Jackson Marketing Manager Small Business Saturday UK
“Based in USA but working with clients globally, I wanted someone to help me raise my profile globally. Initially, I was wondering whether it would be better to work with someone locally, but after I started working with Amanda, all my doubts disappeared. Amanda is truly knowledgeable, has a wealth of invaluable experience in the PR industry spanning across borders, and really knows how to get things moving. In less than a month, Amanda was able to get me in front of editors and teach me the tips and techniques to successfully engage with them. Amanda truly walks her talk and is of utmost integrity. Amanda is also excellent at helping other entrepreneurs determine how to present their gifts and talents to the press in a way that is genuine to them, but at the same time appeal to the press. On top of that, Amanda’s enthusiasm, positivity and energy makes the process so much fun. I highly recommend Amanda. Thank you Amanda for all your support and dedication, I can't wait to see what unfolds next!" www.lifestylemasterpiece.com Neeta Hatley (CPA), Business & Career Success Coach & Consultant, Founder of Lifestyle Masterpiece 
"Amanda, great to meet you today at the Social Media Workshop run by Colbea. I thought I was fairly familiar with the major platforms however, your overview gave me some great ideas, a definite purpose, plan and some strategies to deploy that make the huge task of tweets, hash tags, recommendations, status updates and blogging a manageable process. Thank you for an interesting and pleasant evening." http://www.yourinterviewcoach.co.uk Dawn Moss | BA (Hons) Health Promotion / Education
" Your help and guidance has been professional, inspirational, helpful and above all a guide into the world of social media which so many of us are unsure about (although we know how important it is in today’s communication). You have shown a huge amount of enthusiasm for our business and allowed us to be very proud of it and the dedication that we put into it. You have so many ideas to help us but are very respectful if one or two of them do not appeal and always add that “it is your business and your final decision." Pavilion House B&B Gretta Bredin
"Amanda knows her stuff – clearly. She had bucket loads of wisdom, hints and tips to impart drawn from a wealth of experience. A 5 hour workshop was only really only ever going to be enough to skim the surface but Amanda made clear from the outset that it was hoped this would be an event that would kick-start activity on the part of the attendees who all ran their own local retail business. On the evidence of what I saw one Amanda’s greatest skills is engaging and “getting” people. Throughout her talk and group exercises she drew people into the discussion. A collaborative “team atmosphere” was quickly created. This stuff doesn’t happen by accident. Amanda had a clear handle on the individual and disparate challenges faced by local businesses. Amanda, it felt to me, became like the attendees new best friend in a very short space of time…. Quite remarkable. " www.en-act.co.uk Nick Hut, EnACT.
" Very many thanks for providing us with an excellent workshop yesterday. It is often very difficult to get businesses to participate in events such as this – so that we had a full house was pretty stunning – and then to see them leave the hotel all looking so motivated – brilliant! I shall now spend a bit of time thinking through how best to continue with the momentum. Once again, very well done!" Corinne Matthews, Economic Regeneration & Tourism Manager, West Somerset Council
"While I have built a huge online audience through my own social marketing, offline I don’t have the same level of exposure. I hired Amanda to get me in front of Editors who could help me build a bigger offline profile, and within 3 months, Amanda had got me in front of THE Editor that I wanted to meet. She was relentless, never giving up, but in a warm and positive way that means she can open the doors you want her to open for you. I love Amanda and you will too! " veronicapullen.co.uk Veronica Pullen | Social Marketing Queen |
" I’ve always known Amanda as a ‘get things done’ person with a talent for getting through to her target market; she takes time to research and understand her clients and consequently does a great job in getting them where they want and need to be. " People Spark Ltd Trevor Edwards, Trainer & Coach,
" I would just like to say that my PR Amanda is kinda epic. Love working with you, your energy, initiative and wicked sense of humour!" Paula MacArthur - The Mastermind Agency
" I began working with Amanda back in August after I saw the results she had achieved for others and I now consider my investment in her support to be paramount to my business success. Amanda helped me to realise a five year personal aspiration to feature in Psychologies Magazine - opening the door to the editor and enabling me to land a 4 page dossier which was featured in the edition out at the start of the year. That feature alone resulted in an elevated profile, a significant increase in opt-ins on my website, many, many book sales and a number of new clients too. A dramatic ROI in no less than 4 months! In the time we have worked together, I have tasked Amanda with opening some very specific doors for me and she has worked tirelessly on my behalf, positioning me far better than I ever could myself and landing me many opportunities – some of which I would not have even spotted, let alone pursued. I have since recommended Amanda to many business contacts of mine and am delighted to hear from them that she wow’s them daily with her terrier-like approach and the results she delivers for them. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough. " Tamsen Garrie, Author, Speaker, Leadership trainer, Team Alignment Expert
" I entered into a very skeptical mentor/mentee relationship with Amanda as I had experienced an incompatible relationship with my first mentor from the Cherie Blair Foundation. My doubts were also due to the fact that we were cultures and oceans apart. I did not know how this gulf could be bridged but Amanda’s knowledge of cultures as different as India, Peru, Nepal and Vietnam was put to use by her in suggesting solutions to my problems. I’m glad I did work with her, as this is when I realized how wrong I was in my skepticism. I have a reasonably successful Interior design and furniture business but it had reached a plateau. I had been toying with several ideas to overcome the situation. This is when I got connected to Amanda. Together we sifted through the many options that were swirling in my head and made a list in order of priority, to tap them systematically & step by step. Few short months down the road confusion found order and Voila! I managed the break-through I needed thanks to her advice and I am now flooded with work! Thank you Amanda and Godspeed " Humaira Hayat - CEO Le Mosaque Élan - Karachi, Pakistan.
" 'The Ultimate Door Opener' certainly sums up Amanda Ruiz, give her the brief, tell her who you want to talk to and she will connect you. Working with Amanda has delivered phenomenal results for my business, to anyone considering working with Amanda Ruiz, I say, stop thinking and do it, Amanda truly is an amazing lady with an exception skill. " www.faircontracts.co Chas Jordan, Fair Contract Associates Ltd
" It's not often that you meet someone with the skill, focus, knowledge and door opening power that Amanda exudes. If my business were still in the UK she would be the FIRST person I would re-engage to capitulate my business forward. Amanda exhibits a very rare quality and that is one of absolute integrity pared with business nous and the most amazingly determined attitude. She is an incredibly well connected woman and even though I am now back in Australia, Amanda still consistently sends A-class referrals my way. This woman is exceptional." www.SalesSpace.com.au Rachel Bourke - Sales & Communication Mastery for Sales Teams & Service-Based Professionals, Speaker, Peak Performance Specialist
" Amanda Ruiz gets things done. In a world where everyone over-promises and under-delivers, she is the exception. Focused, determined and results-oriented, she has a depth and breadth of experience that she can bring to any assignment. We use Amanda to get under the skin of our clients’ clients to find out what they really think. She comes back with detailed and insightful information… and added to this she gets a couple of unexpected appointments! Contact her!" Robert Craven, Speaker and Author