I put together these awesome PR Resources to help you become incredibly visible in the media. Feel free to share.

Great PR starts with a great plan


PR Checklist

7 things you need to know before you pitch the media - download this checklist right now!
Sure, can guess what works or spend hours asking questions on Facebook, or you can download your PR checklist right now and get amazing visibility!

Your brand needs to look professional in order for people to trust you



PR Training Video

Watch my 30 minute PR training video to learn how to become media friendly, grow you business with the power of PR and more....

Your website is your online home. Strong foundations are a must


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PR Planner

There are PR planners, and then there's the Amanda Ruiz PR Planner. If you are sick of the competition hogging the media spotlight download your PR Planner right now and get more eyes on your headlines


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