Frequently Asked Questions About PR


Why is PR Expensive?

Whether PR is expensive or not depends on you, your attitude to PR and your PR consultant! If you think the press is free then any PR is expensive. PR is activity and relationship building for your business growth. This is incredibly valuable


Can I do my own PR?

Yes! Of course you can. In fact I have some incredible training programmes that will help you become your own company’s PR machine. Scroll down and choose an option to find out more about doing your own PR.


What's a PR VIP Day?

This is a day where we meet in person and talk about your PR goals, put together your PR plan and a press release that you can share immediately. Of course, that’s just one sentence to describe a whole day of PR joy. Check out the option below to find out more.


Do Press Releases Work?

Random press releases that have no hook have never worked. A well-arranged PR campaign can generate traffic, increase your visibility and drive sales. See the options below for more.


if you are still not sure…


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