Whenever I speak to an entrepreneur about which dream publications they’d give their right arm to be featured in, Forbes is always on the list and is more often than not, the first one they list.

Why do you think this may be? I am guessing it’s because it is one of the most respected and renowned publications in the world which has 45 million social followers and 71 million unique visitors per month.

So could you imagine getting your name or story on this outlet? As you can see, the reach it has is phenomenal, plus the credibility associated with appearing in this most hallowed outlet makes it the ‘Number 1 Must Appear In Outlet’ in my New Client Questionnaires!

Clients who have been lucky enough to appear in Forbes have seen multiple doors being opened: invites to paid speaking gigs, a TV show and podcast invites to name a few and all of these happened in the space of just 3 weeks after they were interviewed!

From my insider research, Forbes employs editors (US, Europe, Asia etc) who invite contributors who tend to be leading journalists so you will be pretty much guaranteed of quality and qualified unbiased writing. Plus the contributors get paid for their posts, so it’s not a free blogging site like HuffPo was asking any old Tom, Dick or Harry to write for them.

You will also see (when you do your research) writers who are ‘Forbes staff’. Again, these journalists will be paid members of the Forbes staff and will have been selected for the quality of their writing.

So you know it’s a good idea to start thinking about getting into Forbes and here are my 11.5 ways you can try:

  1. Keep your eyes out for #journorequests on Twitter. Journalists like Alison Coleman and David Howell are contributors and are often on the look out for case studies. That’s how I got my mention in Forbes!
  2. Sign up to the Forbes newsletter so you are always up to date with their latest articles.
  3. Understand what is a Forbes ‘swim lane’. This is a niche or an area of expertise that contributors will write about, it will be inch wide and mile deep, so take a deep dive onto those swim lanes to get your head around it.
  4. Type into the search bar your area of expertise such as ‘mental health’ or ‘female entrepreneur’ or ‘neurodiversity’. You will then see the contributors who write on these topics (or swim lanes). See what they’ve covered and what’s missing and make notes in your Pitching to Forbes folder.
  5. Search up some Forbes staff writers, you will see their email addresses (file these!) in their profile bios and you’ll also see the FOLLOW badge. Follow them!
  6. Take time to research the publication. Don’t rush into pitching to the contributors. Once you have spotted two or three ‘dream contributors’ (they are ‘dream’ as they cover your swim lane) you must absorb the content and as a journalist described it at a Pitch Clinic you must forensically get to know what they write about and how their style is as well as getting to know the ‘Forbes style’
  7. Decide what type of piece you’d like to pitch, such as a list style piece eg ‘The 5 ways to rock at job interviews’ or a more in depth article such as ‘How job candidates should prep for the dream job’ or to be interviewed by the contributor (they will then send you a series of questions you must reply to) and write a few draft posts in preparation.
  8. Make a Forbes section onto your vision board. This should include the all-important logo, two or three headline ideas you have, two or three names of contributors and most importantly, how many views you’d like your feature to have!
  9. Once you have done some research into the staff writer and the contributor, pop on over to LinkedIn and connect with them there. Be sure to add a note in the connection invite – something like:  I really enjoyed your article on The Best Way to Keep Fit at Work, I have now lost 5lbs. Thank you! I would love to connect with you because……(but NO PITCHING HERE!)
  10. Click on the social buttons on the contributor or staff writer profiles and be sure to follow them on all their platforms
  11. Once you’ve followed them on Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook etc, slowly but surely get onto their radars. Like, RT, comment and RT and share their articles. You will slowly ingratiate yourself to them so when the pitch time comes you’re not some nobody, you’re a helpful nice potential contributor to their posts!

11.5. Come on my next ‘Pitching to Forbes Pitch Clinic’ and pitch yourself directly! Win:Win 😉

Now you’ve enjoyed reading these tips and ideas and you’ve taken action, share with me your links when you’re published in Forbes because if you follow these steps YOU WILL!

But if you’re still unsure and you need a helping hand, then book a call with me and let’s talk FORBES!

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[COMMENT] And comment below on which tactic you’ll be using!


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