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The three c’s…do you have them?

Did you know that just one piece of publicity can give so much to your business? I refer to the 3 'Cs' that most entrepreneurs are striving for each and every day of running their businesses: Credibility Clients Confidence Do you lack any of the above in your...

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Behind the scenes at the BBC In September I had an all time career high! I met my hero Jeremy Vine as I was invited by the show's producer, Tim Johns to watch Jeremy broadcast his show live. The month before, my VIP clients had an opportunity to pitch to Tim in our...

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Black Friday Top 10 Round up

Check out my carefully curated Best of Black Friday Top 10! This year I would like to 'do' Black Friday with a difference! I have put together my Top 10 of the best Black Friday offers out there. They are all products or services that I have personally used. Here is a...

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