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Are you spending far too much TIME and MONEY on social media and not getting the results?

And have you ever said this...?

"It's the nearly the end of the month and I just don't know where my next client is coming in?"

You're a life coach, a business consultant or selling a stunning product but the simple fact of the matter is that EVERYONE else out there is doing just what you're doing.

And everyone one else is landing amazing speaking gigs and being highly visible landing high end client after high end client.

So here's the thing. Your competition is using Facebook ads and social media to attract new clients.

But no one is focusing on getting into the press.

Why are you struggling to gain new clients?

It's because you're drowning in a sea of competition.

People are using social media as their marketing weapon with their iphones or computers to attract new clients (not expensive marketing agencies as everyone is on Instagram or FB ads manager).

So my question is this.

Why compete with your competition's iphones which are churning out marketing messages?

My answer is this...

Beat your competition and go straight to the press with your story.

You will stop being invisible and start to become highly visible as new clients seek YOU out. Yes, the tables will be turned!

Plus you will gain the confidence and credibility of a few lovely press logos on your website!

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PR training video

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2018 PR Planner

Never miss another key industry / life event with this 2018 PR Planner!

7 Step PR checklist

Gain more clients after you have checked out the 7 steps on how to get into the press

"Amanda is a contagiously motivated mentor"

"I am Josie Copsey and I help corporate individuals to enjoy their job with a great work life balance. My website is www.aeracuralifecoaching.co.uk

Since joining Amanda’s VIP Programme I have learnt so much from the opportunities Amanda presents on this programme - Expert TEDx Talks, pitching to the journalist which have been fantastic and something no other programme out there offers.

Amanda is really good at keeping you connected with the group and organising leading experts to share their wisdom with you. Amanda is a contagiously motivated mentor which spurs you on even more…Amanda is here to help you shine to the world and that she will most definitely do!!

I can’t wait for the rest of the journey as I know there are more fab experts to come and the connections I will make….thanks Amanda!"

- Josie Copsey 

"Amanda sets you off clearly on the path of knowing exactly what you do..." .

I am Caroline Diana Bobart. I am a Life-Change Strategist and I help frazzled, ex-corporate, business mum owners who have lost their confidence and identity, re-invent themselves post-birth, website: www.carolinediana.com. Since joining Amanda’s  programme I have been learning a lot from being in the company of other entrepreneurs who are also trying to bring their very unique, heartfelt offerings into a mainstream world.I have been seeing that there is actually a completely different language that you need to learn in order to communicate clearly with your ideal client - and that oftentimes this requires the practitioner to attain a more accessible, grounded view of how their work impacts the world.

Amanda is really good at helping you take big, lofty concepts and relate them to everyday situations, people and life. This really helps you articulate yourself and what you do in a way that is both relevant and urgent. It is so essential that you get this right because it is the very foundation upon which all your self-promo and future business-building ventures will be built. Getting all your ducks in a row is an expression that you'll hear Amanda use a lot.

I can’t wait for the rest of the journey because it is very easy as an entrepreneur to find yourself frenzied, busy and always 'working at stuff' - stuff that won't necessarily have any impact on your bank balance - which for almost all small businesses is a dire need. Amanda's  programme sets you off clearly on the path of knowing exactly what you do and for whom so you can start getting your message out into the world in a way that speaks directly to the clients you want to bring in.

- Caroline Bobart


"You will really enjoy these resources - can't wait to seeing you get MORE #VISIBLE!" 

Amanda Ruiz, The Ultimate Door Opener